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About Us

Chuy’s Tree Service was established in 2012, Our mission is to provide the best quality and reliable service at the most affordables prices.

In Chuy’s Tree Service our top goal is customer satisfaction.

We are the most complete and affordable tree care company, we work with both residential and comercial customers throughout Central Texas.

“Chuy” the Tree Expert with more then 11 years of experience in the Industry is educated with best tree care techniques and will make sure your home and bussines is safe and looking it’s very best.



Our Services

Chuy’s Tree Service offers wide variety of services that include Tree Trimming, Tree Removing, Stump Grinding & Removal, Land and Lot Clearing, Haul Offs, 24hour Emergency, Storm Damage and Much More.

Tree Trim Before
Tree Trim After


The Trimming and Prunning of a tree concist in cut unwanted sections and dead areas in the tree that will help to control the growth, prevent dangerous situations and modify the appearence.

Some of the main reasons to trim your trees are:

  • Have diseased or damage branches.
  • The crown is overgrown.
  • Reducing potential for storm damage.
  • Removing low branches .

Let us keep your trees beautifull with our trimming and shaping services.

Tree pruning is the single best investment a property owner can make to ensure the survival and lengthen the lifespan of their trees.

Tree Removal

When a Tree is causing danger or problems for your home or business we help you to get rid of it.

Some of the signs that we see in a tree that has to be removed are:

  • The Tree is dying or dead.
  • Is diseased
  • Is to close to power lines.
  • Is leaning treatening your home or business.
  • When is hollow or rotten.

Chuy’s Tree Service offers afordable prices for large or small tree removal.

Tree Removal Before
Tree Removal After
Stump Removal Before
Stump Removal After

Stump Grinding & Removing

Don’t wait to get rid of that ugly stump that make your yard look bad and can host all sorts of fungus and parasites. Our stump grinding service is very afordable and when we perform a tree stump removal service, we make sure that your needs come first.

  • The first step is removing the tree and all of the debris from your property with care.
  • Second, we use a mechanical device to grind the stump 6-10″ below ground.
    Then we cover the hole with the stump debris.
  • Additional services include hauling the stump debris and adding topsoil to fill the hole left behind.